Let’s Be Clear: Rehab is not Something to Fear!

It is not unusual to feel scared or overwhelmed when heading into treatment. There are a lot of unknowns. But there are things that you can do to alleviate your fears. Most of all, you can learn about treatment; knowledge is power!

Typical worries include:

  • Cost of treatment
  • Being alone
  • Reaction to withdrawal symptoms
  • Succeeding or failing
  • Being stigmatized
  • Living without drugs
  • Giving up friends
  • Being bored
  • Having to talk about things, including the unpleasant
  • Wanting clean and sober living enough

Do not, under any circumstances, let these or any other reasons that you can come up with get in the way of your recovery!

Rehab is available to everyone. Don’t let your budget stand in the way of your new life, or use it as an excuse to opt-out of treatment.

You’re Not Alone

You will encounter fellow addicts from every level of society. All professionals and every race and religion will be represented. Straight people, gay people, transgender people, republicans, democrats and independents. Men, women, married people, the divorced and the widowed. People who have a good education and those who do not. Rich people and poor. These people understand what you are going through; you all have addiction in common! You will most likely form a swift and strong bond. The so-called friends you had while using were merely partners in perilous behavior.

You’re in Good Hands

The professionals employed at treatment centers are there to help you overcome your addiction as comfortably and efficiently as possible. They are there to provide expert advice, structure and support. Lean on them as you establish new, healthy habits! They may have equal measures of compassion and tough love, put into effect to help you accent accountability for your actions and your life.

You’re Mistakes are a Learning Process

Knowing what to expect can help make an uncertain journey more sure-footed, and the future look almost as bright as it truly is! You are bound to make mistakes. You are human. But they just might be the best part of the treatment process! As you work hard, you will learn to make sense of your errors, and that will help you not repeat the same mistake twice.

Half the Battle is Admitting

Drug addiction is a medical disease. More people understand this than ever before. Are you afraid you may lose your job or have friends and family think less of you when they realize that you are an addict? Those who like and love you are going to respect you for your decision to turn your life around. They will admire your bravery in admitting that you have a problem and are doing something about it!

Only the determined, motivated and courageous enter treatment. This is YOU. 

Knowledge Takes Away Fear

Ask about the intake process; how long detox lasts, and what they will do to make you comfortable during the process; and what the treatment center expects of its program participants. Check out a sample schedule, including breaks. Are there outings? What kind of activities? How much down time will you have? When are meals served? When can family visit?

Learn more about Finding a Good Treatment Center and Frequently Asked Questions about rehab.

You Won’t Be Bored

You will be busy while in treatment. You will do chores, clean up after yourself and go to therapy. It will be a productive time during which you will accomplish a great deal. Best of all, you will be discovering a new, improved you. Treatment will help you start a new life. You may uncover new needs, wishes, hopes and desires.

Start Today

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Turn your fears into strengths and take action! Recovery is a lifelong process, but with the toolkit you depart treatment with, you will be prepared for the challenges ahead. That is not to say you won’t encounter bumps in the road, but you will have learned how to better cope, and ask for help when you need it!

Do your research and select the treatment center best for you and start your journey to clean and sober living! You can start your journey by contacting TrustedRehab today and talk to a compassionate treatment advisor.